Sunday, May 27, 2012

Final Storyboards

These are my final boards for An Officer and an Alien (exerpt), written by Sherm Cohen.

Action Notes: Strick and Flit are running away from their crashed space ship. Military police jeeps are pursuing them in the distance. Flit is carrying fuzzy dice.

Dialogue: Flit: You should have let ME drive.
Strick: You're too young to have a license.
Flit: We just stole a flying saucer and you're worried about a traffic ticket?

Action Notes: Still running, Strick looks back at the approaching jeeps.

Action Notes: Strick sees that the jeeps are approaching.

Dialogue: Strick: They're getting close; We better split up.
Action Notes: Still running, Strick turns his head back around and speaks to Flit.

Action Notes: Flit and Strick run towards camera and split off in opposite directions.

Action Notes: Military jeeps come carreening over the hill towards camera.

Action Notes: Jeeps drive through camera.

Action Notes: Strick runs into frame (from screen right)

Action Notes: Strick hides behind a rock, peeking out to look for the military jeeps

Action Notes: Strick slides down into a sitting postion. He is panting and sweating.

Action Notes: Strick is panting and sweating, trying to catch his breath.

SFX: beeping sound
Action Notes: After hearing the beeping sound, Strick turns his head to see Flit playing with the fuzzy dice.
Notes: Truck out after Strick turns his head.

Dialogue: Strick: This is no time for games, kid!
Action Notes: Strick jumps up. Flit is still playing with the dice.

Action Notes: Flit is looking at the dice expectantly.

Action Notes: An antenna comes out of the dice and starts beeping. 

Action Notes: Flit looks up expectantly. A blinding light flashes down from above. Strick sheilds his face.
Notes: Big truck out to reveal flying saucer shining a beam of light down on Strick and Flit.

Action Notes: A rope ladder falls from the saucer. 

Dialogue: Zork: Move it, fellas!
Action Notes: Zork appears in an opening on the bottom of the ship.

Action Notes: Military jeeps fire at Zork's ship from a distance.

Action Notes: Bullets whiz past Zork. One hits his spaceship.

Dialogue: Zork (to soldiers in distance): HEY! I just washed this! 
Action Notes: Zork shakes his fist towards the jeeps

Action Notes: Zork ducks back inside the ship.

Action Notes: The flying saucer starts to fly away, the rope ladder trailing along with it. Strick and Flit chase after it. Strick and Flit leap of a cliff after the ladder. It looks they're going to miss it.
Notes: Camera pan with saucer.

Action Notes: At the last second Flit manages to catch onto the ladder. Strick is hanging on to Flit's leg.

Action Notes: Military jeeps fire at the rope ladder.

Action Notes: Bullets (fired by military jeeps off-camera) whiz over their heads, tearing the ladder in half.

Action Notes: Strick and Flit begin to fall

Action Notes: Strick and Flit fall out of frame.

Action Notes: Strick and Flit free fall towards bottom of canyon

Action Notes: A space ship zooms in from screen left, flying underneath Strick and Flit

Action Notes: Flit and Strick crash onto the front of the spaceship.

Action Notes: Spaceship carries Strick and Flit off screen right.

Action Notes: Strick and Flit are laying on the front of Zork's ship. Their are people shaped dents where they landed.

Dialogue: Zork: (grunt) That's coming out of YOUR paycheck.
Action Notes: Zork looks at the dent in his saucer and opens a hatch into his ship, Strick crawls in.

Action Notes: Flit crawls into ship.

Action Notes: Zork closes the door.

Dialogue: Flit (off-camera): As usual Zork, your timing is perfect.
Action Notes: Zork's spaceship is soaring through outer space.
Notes: <-- BG Pan <-- (from right to left)

Dialogue: Zork: Thank you. 
Action Notes: Strick is sitting at a table that is way too small for him, along with Flit. Zork is piloting the ship.

Dialogue: Zork: So, Where to, Captain?

Dialogue: Strick: Far away from those jeeps. And by the way...
Action Notes: Strick points backwards over his shoulder and looks at Zork, who is off-screen.

Dialogue: Strick: ...I'm a MAJOR.
Action Notes: Strick points to his inisgnia.

Dialogue: Flit: yeah...a Major pain in the butt.

Dialogue: Zork: Um...I was talking to Captain Flit.
Action Notes: Zork turns his head to look back at Strick and Flit.

Action Notes: Flit pushes a button on the dice.

Action Notes: A hologram of an alien starfield appears. Strick is startled, and falls backwards out of his chair.

Dialogue: Flit: Head straight for Zetamorix and turn left at Greenlux.
Action Notes: Strick is laying on the floor. Flit points to the hologram.

Dialogue: Strick (panicked): We're going where?!
Action Notes: Strick pushes himself up into a sitting position.

Dialogue: Flit: Back to my home system. 

Dialogue: Flit: Relax...we're almost halfway there.

 Action Notes: Strick bolts to the nearest window.
NotesPan (and truck out) with Strick, slight delay to allow for camera motivation.

Dialogue: Strick: I didn't mean this far!
Action Notes: We see Strick from the outside, looking out the window, stricken.